Looking Ahead To 2019


2018 has been an incredible year. This time last year, we were recording our very first episode for Coffee and Cream! Now, we are more than 20 episodes in and have no intention of slowing down. We wanted to let you in on where we are heading for 2019.

Looking Back

When we launched our podcast in January, we had no idea what would happen! God has been so good this past year and here are just a few highlights:

  • A successful GoFundMe for our website and audio hosting needs.

  • Hitting over 2,000 downloads this year.

  • Being sponsored by three amazing businesses and organizations.

  • Interviewing some big voices in the racial reconciliation conversation.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, we have a new vision for where we want to take Coffee and Cream. 2019 has brought a whole new set of challenges which have forced us to adapt how we approach our podcast moving forward. Instead of our bi-weekly episode release, we’ll be focusing on bigger, once-a-month episodes. This gives us time to aim for higher profile guests who can lend their expertise in hot-button conversations. But don’t worry! We’ll still be posting regularly on social media with giveaways, resources, and bonus content (we can’t wait for you to see what we have coming next).

With that said, we are actually broadening our original goal for Coffee and Cream. In a sentence:

“Coffee and Cream will model what it looks like to have a conversation about cultural issues, how they relate to the Gospel, and what we can practically do about them.”

Our goal has always been the conversation, or as we like to say it, '“changing the narrative.” But instead of focusing solely on racial reconciliation, we will be widening our focus to all cultural and political issues. Abortion, racism, immigration, gender, creativity, etc. are just a few topics we’re praying to tackle in the next year!

How You Can Help

We couldn’t have done all of this without you guys. You have diligently given us feedback and spread the word about what we’re doing. We’re asking that you continue to help us in this journey! Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Share our podcast and what episode you’re listening to on social media.

  • Leave us a 5-star review on iTunes (seriously, this is one of the most helpful things you can do for us).

  • Buy some gear!

Wait, what?

Yup! We’re officially announcing that we are opening our gear store. T-shirts, hoodies, snapbacks, and most importantly: coffee mugs. You can head on over to our store here or hit the link at the top of your browser. All of the money we earn will go to: 1) Website and audio hosting fees, 2) getting guests on our show, 3) marketing.

We are so excited for the start of the new year and what God will do. Will you pray alongside us? Our purpose in the midst of these crazy and polarizing times is to sit down and have a hot-button conversation over coffee. Whether you agree or disagree with us (or our guests), 2019 is going to be an amazing year, one where we are going to continue to change the narrative one cup of coffee at a time.

- The Coffee and Cream team

Jake Cannon